Engagement and Retention Cards

Uncover the real drivers impacting performance, engagement, development, and creating a place TALENT wants to stay.

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Key Features

Most Critical Needs

Understand what's "most critical"
to engaging, developing, and retaining the employees within 
your organization. 

Current Work Situation

Learn how an employee's important "drivers" are going right now within their work situation, to determine improvement efforts. 


Create a rich, robust One-to-One Dialogue to learn what actions are critical to improve an employee's work situation.

Take Action 

For each TALENT Driver focus
area, get 10 proven and practical solutions to  choose from to take action. 

Creating the "FIT"

Each person has a set of “most critical” needs, which when achieved within their current work situation causes them to
"want to" engage, perform, develop, and want to stay.

The challenge is understand is to understand each person’s most critical needs, how it is really going, and then take action to make the appropriate changes to increase the “FIT” between what is most critical and the individual’s current work situation.


Know the Real Drivers

Managers and individuals use the TALENT Drivers to identify the key drivers impacting their work situation.

TALENT Drivers cover 4 main categories, the Work you do, the Work Environment, Manager Actions, and the overall Organization. 


STEP 2: 

What's the Current Situation

Once Leaders and/or Individuals have clarity on "what's important" they outline how each driver is currently going within their work situation.

This practice shows which drivers need more time, energy. 

Leaders and Individuals select "Focus Areas" to begin
taking action on based on their Current Situation results. 


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