Engagement and Retention Cards

Uncover the real drivers of performance, engagement, development, creating a place TALENT wants to stay,
and achieving goals.

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Identify the Real TALENT Drivers

Each of us has a set of needs that drive our 
decision to perform, engage, develop, and stay.

Our needs are different from others… 
the differences make a difference.

Some needs are being positively impacted by the current
work situation and other needs are being negatively impacted.

Each of the 50 TALENT Drivers corresponds with
one of the four categories that help create “FIT.”


To improve –
focus is key.

  1. What is most critical?
  2. How is it really going? 
  3. What needs more time,
    energy, focus, and action?

What’s “Most Critical”
to EACH Person?

Simple and easy-to-use, your Engagement Cards® and Retention Cards® are a tool designed to help you impact each person and provide an engaging experience.

Managers and individuals are able to identify the issues impacting performance, engagement, development, retention, and the drivers that impact implementing strategic initiatives for achieving goals. 

You will be able to pinpoint where to take action to ensure everyone is contributing to the organization’s success.

Key Features

Understand what is "most critical" to engaging your employees to perform and stay.

Create a rich, robust One-to-One Dialogue to learn what actions are critical to improve an employee's work situation.

Learn how an employee's work situation is really going right now.


Engagement and Retention

Work Environment Drivers

Represents a person’s work surroundings, team environment, and how organization practices impact how people work together.

Manager Drivers

Represents the manager actions and qualities impacting a person’s work situation.

Work Drivers

Represents the tasks, assignments, and projects an individual is responsible for in their role.

Organization Drivers

Represents the organization's direction and the impact organization policies have on a person’s work situation.


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