We Build Talent Management Professionals Capabilities (HR/T&D/OD/TM)

Talent Strategy and Implementation Certification

This IS NOT a general session for people who want to hear some examples and review a few case studies… this is a hands-on worksession where you will be equipped with top tier consulting practices you will use within your organization to increase operating results.  

Learn by doing is good… Learn by creating an impact is better.

This is designed for Talent Management Professionals who are players within their organization and want to enhance their capabilities and have world-class processes and frameworks to help you deliver results within your organization. 

should take part in this powerful development experience:

Senior TM Professionals will enhance their capabilities and learn the latest ways to calculate the bottom line impact of talent, how to roll out changes across global workforce with virtual player, as well as ways to influence senior leaders to own the talent strategy.  YES – The best get better.

HR Leaders who have solid general experience, but need to strengthen their true talent management capabilities and be able to connect talent/HR stuff to running the business.

Specialists… YES - you have depth in compensation, Workforce Planning, Training, OD, or “X” – now build more depth within talent management to make sure you’re the person people turn to when they want to attract, engage, build, leverage, or retain talent.

This 2.5 Day worksession is jammed packed with the best practices we have used with CTS and seen organizations use to deliver talent results.  We’ve pulled together the resources, have a great development experience, and will provide everything you need to lead your organization through the following areas:

WHAT is in this powerful development experience:


Utilize a process to outline and hardwire the “talent requirements” needed to execute the business strategy.  Show with line-of-sight how specific talent results will enable or stop a business outcome from being achieved.  Build this process into your business planning process to ensure the “people requirements” are part of the strategic plan.

Create a solid “talent strategy” based on a set of building blocks critical to implement and sustain the changes required to move the organization forward.  Assess how well you have designed and will implement your HR plan/Strategy – will it be successful? 

Talent Strategy Guide Overview

Benchmark your current organization talent practices and determine which talent practices are “mission critical” in the next 12 to 18 months to build organization capabilities and achieve results.   What are the key talent practices needed to Attract, Engage, Build, Leverage, and Retain Talent?


What are the optional ways to work with your line leaders and core operating areas?   What helps build capabilities and minimize dependency?  What helps line organization own the parts they need to own?  What do you need to do or not do to make sure you're valued as a business leader with HR expertise?  What actions speak louder than words to leaders and truly anchor your role as a business partner?

An organization’s talent strategy is chocked full of people-related initiatives… What happens next is the key to short-term and long-term success (execution).  There are a number of things organizations need to do to make sure the great plans get implemented with speed, focus, and stick!

Accountability isn’t a dirty word… why don’t we use it?  We will define accountability and more importantly hardwire it to delivering results.  Leaders play a role to set the standard, role model, reinforce and confront.  If you don’t pull a number fo the “accountability levers” you will have fuzzy responsibilities people only do when they have time… which will never happen. 

Talent Accountability Leadership Brief


HOW is this powerful development experience delivered:

We will deliver onsite with your team


Attend one of our public workshops delivered regionally (call 800-861-6965 for the latest locations and availability)