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For 23 years, our team has stayed dedicated to creating proven talent practices, toolkits, and resources that are used by Individuals, Managers, and Talent Professionals to deliver talent results. 

All tools and resources are pulled together and used within workshop modules to equip people to take action.

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Engagement and Retention Cards

The TALENT Drivers within the Engagement and Retention Cards® are used by managers and individuals to pinpoint where to take action to ensure everyone performs at their best (Engagement) and wants to stay (Retention).

Managers and Individuals use the Engagement and Retention Cards to identify the issues impacting performance, engagement, development, and retention.  Once they know what’s important, it’s easy to pinpoint where to take action.

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What talent results do you want to achieve?  

  1. Do you want to move 50% of your “Somewhat Engaged” to the "Engaged" level within 6 months?

  2. Do you want to have 90% of your organization Engaged?  

  3. Do you want ZERO unexpected departures… to know when someone goes “click” I’m leaving? 
  4. Do you want to use a tool that has created $1 billion in talent results for other companies?

Stop the guesswork… create a clear understanding of each person’s top drivers.    

There is no need to wait for an Engagement Survey, find out what needs more energy to impact each individual NOW!

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Retention Cards 
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“Talent Drivers” will impact your organization.

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LifeWork Toolkit


Provide direction to determine what's important within LIFE and WORK, and where to dedicate time, energy and focus to move forward. 

Talent Drivers
Work Drivers, Work Environment Drivers, Organization Drivers, and Manager Drivers design a work situation that causes individuals to perform, engage, develop, and stay. 

LifeWork Guide 
The workshop guide walks you through key exercises and provides detailed resources needed to align life and work.  

Explorer Experience
An online resource designed to provide a roadmap and build capabilities through instructional videos and practical solutions. 

Creating LifeWork for Individuals
Leading LifeWork for Leaders

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Derrick Barton
Chief Talent Leader/CEO, Center for Talent Solutions

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