Hands-on Tools for Employee Engagement

Equipping people to take action requires they have tools and targeted solutions to use on-the-job to make an impact on performance.                                 

CTS provides proven tools that Managers can easily implement to improve engagement...

The CTS Team has spent the last decade developing and gathering a set of proven tools and solutions managers, teams, and individuals use to take action.

We also can train internal resources to use the CTS tools and solutions internally though our TTT (Train-the-Trainer) and certification processes.


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Engagement Cards® and Retention Cards®


With the Engagement Cards® and Retention Cards®, managers and employees are able to identifythe issues impacting engagement and retention with speed, as well as pinpoint where they need to take action to ensure all employees are fully engaged in their work and contributing to the organization’s success.

Key Features

1.  Understand what is "most critical" to engaging your employees to perform and stay.

2.  Create a rich, robust One-to-One Dialogue to learn what actions are critical to improve an employee's work situation.

3.  Learn how an employee's work situation is really going right now.

When “most critical” needs are met...we engage and stay



Engaging and Retaining Talent


Engaging and Retaining Employee Talent: A Fast Action Development Guide

click-here-toreceive-a-free-guideProvides over 100 solutions to help managers communicate with employees, support their work, coach performance, care about them as individuals, establish credibility, provide feedback, and impact employees through their personal actions.

Each solution includes simple, easy-to-follow steps, as well as supporting worksheets and templates to help to you take action with speed.

Key Features

1.  Seven Development Plans for key manager capabilities.

2.  Actions you can take in 48 Hours, 7 Days, 30 Days and 90 Days.

3.  Specific instructions and steps needed to take action with speed.