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The best companies (Microsoft, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Baylor Healthcare, John Deere, HP and more) use these workshops to build capabilities and deliver sustainable organization results (Average 23.5% Increase).

The workshops are PROVEN and GUARANTEED… if the workshop does not build the capabilities needed to impact on-the-job performance… it is FREE!

We use a practical, action-based approach to provide all the tools and solutions required to equip 83% to 98% of your leaders, managers OR individuals to take action.

1) Engage and Retain TALENT Workshop 

Audience: Leaders/Managers  Duration: 1/2 Day to 1 Day

This hands-on workshop provides a number of proven tools and talent practices needed to build the capabilities required to increase engagement levels AND retain your best people. 

Participants link engagement to bottom line performance and successfully implementing organization changes.

Participants are able to CRACK The Code, CONNECT with Talent, and TAKE ACTION to make an IMPACT causing each person to perform at his or her best and choose to stay.

1 Workshop

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2) Developing TALENT Workshop

Audience: Leaders/Managers   Duration: 1/2 Day

Participants help each team member understand his or her real strengths and areas needing development. 

The workshop links development to INCREASING CONTRIBUTION and delivering current organization goals.

Participants are able to help people brand their capabilities and pursue career options that make an impact. 


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3) Leading TALENT 101 Workshop

Audience: Leaders/Managers   Duration: 1 Day to 1 1/2 Day

This workshop provides the talent practices required to make sure individuals KNOW what to do, CAN do, and WANT to do… PERFORMANCE will increase (guaranteed). 

Participants build core management capabilities needed to lead teams and influence every team member. 

New leaders build the capabilities and confidence to handle tough talent situations and are able to increase results within 30 days.

3 Workshop

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4) YOU Engage YOU Workshop

Audience: All Individuals   Duration: 1/2 Day

Each person takes the lead to increase personal performance, engagement and create a place they want to stay. 

Participants focus on the most critical engagement drivers and TAKING ACTION to IMPACT the work situation… focusing on what they can control and influence to drive reults.

Each person uses a set of targeted talent solutions to take action on-the-job and is able to share success stories – What I DID to make an IMPACT. 

4 Workshop

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5) Building Capabilities/Career Workshop

Audience: ALL Individuals   Duration: 1/2 Day

This hands-on workshop provides participants with a clear and compelling picture of their strengths and improvement needs. 

Development goals show how a participant will USE NEW CAPABILITIES ON-THE-JOB to impact results today and in the future.   They are equipped to “brand” their capabilities and actively pursue a desired career opportunity. 

Participants create a solid plan needed to increase contribution now and in the future.

5 Workshop

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 CERTIFICATION - CTS will certify internal resources to deliver any workshops