Center for Knowledge ManagementWE equip YOU to capture and transfer the knowledge required to perform, compete, and innovate.

We provide a suite of solutions to help leaders, managers, teams, and employees capture and transfer the knowledge required to be competitive in the marketplace and achieve high performing business results.

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT clients are able to tap into tools and solutions required to integrate an engagement strategy as they implement a knowledge management strategy to ensure the organization achieves the results required for long-term success.


knowledge managementEngagement: What blocks or enables knowledge management success

  • Will a Fully Engaged person share knowledge (YES) learn from others (YES) Innovate (YES)

  • Will an Engaged person help others learn? YES

  • Does a Somewhat Engaged person want to share (NO) Learn (NO) Follow New procedures (NO)

  • When a Disengaged person is asked to share they may share some leaving out the real tricks of the trade and sometimes enjoying the struggle others may have with new procedures.


Knowledge Management requires Engaged and Fully Engaged people period.