CTS Business Units

Don’t worry… we make it easy to receive the right training, talent practices, metrics, and strategy to ensure your organization delivers results and achieves your talent goals.

We have developed a number of areas of expertise which come together to help your organization increase results.

Center for Talent Retention

WE equip YOU by bringing together powerful resources, experience, and incredible depth of expertise – combining the forces to increase engagement levels by 23%, Retain 95% of Top Talent, and create a place where the right people want to stay.

Engage and Retain

TALENT Workshop

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Center for Talent Management

WE equip YOU to utilize proven tools, training, and a comprehensive set of talent practices designed to connect the talent strategy to the business strategy, implement practices guaranteed to attract – build – and keep your best people.

 Talent Management Practice Framework

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Center for Diverse Talent

WE equip YOU to outline a solid plan to make sure the “differences” make a difference in current and future organization performance harnessing all ages, experience, ideas, gender, and backgrounds.

YOU Engage YOU Workshop

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Center for Knowledge Management

WE equip YOU to capture and transfer the knowledge required to perform, compete, and innovate.



WE equip YOU to make sure TALENT: Joins, Engages, Contributes, Innovates and Stays

The Center for TALENT SOLUTIONS (CTS) brings together best human capital practices to help organizations compete now and in the future.  If you need a partner who brings incredible EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to improve TALENT RESULTS and increase ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE– go no further.

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